Kyli's been in the industry since 2006 and since then, she's touched on just about every facet of the energy sector. She's thrilled to be focused currently in an area with the potential to benefit the planet: Renewables, with a particular emphasis on Biomass. She's developed a strong network of clients and candidates throughout the Gulf South over the years and is as comfortable in a hard hat and boots in a muddy construction yard as she is in a board room. Kyli believes that developing strong relationships is the key to success and that treating people right is a replicable philosophy in any role that will stand you in good stead as a working foundation even when you're still learning some of the more complex science and technology that powers our industry. The five minutes you spend today listening to someone dealing with a problem, even if you can't offer an immediate solution, will come back to you ten-fold, sometimes when you least expect it.