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Environmental jobs in Aldermaston

​​An environmental career can encompass a wide range of fields and roles, but there are some general things you can expect. Here are a few:

  1. A focus on sustainability: Environmental careers are often centered around the goal of promoting sustainability and protecting the natural environment. This can mean working to reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

  2. A diverse range of opportunities: Environmental careers can be found in many different industries, including government agencies, non-profits, consulting firms, and private corporations. You might work in fields like environmental science, policy, law, education, or engineering, to name just a few examples.

  3. A need for interdisciplinary skills: Environmental work often requires knowledge of multiple fields, so it's common for people in these careers to have interdisciplinary backgrounds. For example, someone working in environmental policy might need to understand both legal and scientific concepts.

  4. Opportunities for travel: Depending on your specific job, you may have the chance to travel to different locations for fieldwork or to attend conferences and meetings.

  5. The potential for meaningful work: Many people find that environmental careers offer a sense of purpose and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. This can be rewarding, but it can also mean dealing with difficult challenges and setbacks.

Overall, an environmental career can be a fulfilling and meaningful choice for people who are passionate about protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

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Anesco is a market leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We develop, design, construct, operate, maintain and optimise high performing grid scale renewable energy assets.

From humble beginnings back in 2010, we quickly grew to become one of the UK’s largest providers of solar and battery storage technologies.

In September 2014, we made history by connecting the UK’s first utility-scale battery storage unit. Six months later going on to install the largest optimised solar farm in Europe. Then in 2017, we unveiled Clayhill, the UK’s first subsidy-free solar farm - marking a landmark achievement for the industry.

In 2020, we broke ground on our first projects outside of the UK, going on to launch Anesco Netherlands and Anesco Germany in 2022.

Empowering our people

People sit at the heart of everything we do at Anesco; from being a trusted partner to our customers and supply chain; to supporting our team members to reach their full potential; and the commitment we make to the local communities in which we operate.

We’re an Investors in People Gold standard organisation and know that our team members are our greatest asset. It is their ambition, experience and drive for excellence that lies at the heart of our success. This people-centric approach is reflected across all areas of the organisation, from our culture to how we operate.